Preparing to bring a new feature of ‘Tik Tok’ compared to YouTube

Online video sharing platform TikTok has announced introduction of a new feature for its users, the said feature is designed to compete with YouTube.

According to the details, the Tik Tok administration has announced a major change in its plans under which Tik Tok app users will be provided with the facility to upload long videos lasting several hours.

The announcement was made by a TikTok official in an interview to a technology website. This announcement of Tik Tok is being considered as a competitor to Google’s popular video application YouTube.

It may be recalled that earlier in January, Tik Tok extended the video duration to half an hour for some users, while other users can only upload 10-minute shorts on Tik Tok.

Technology Web reports that if TikTok allows uploading of 60-minute videos, users will not need to split an episode into multiple parts, at which time video creators will be allowed 20 on the platform. A subscription is required to upload minute-long videos..


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