Matka water protects against which diseases? 

Nature has placed such a great influence in the soil that the water kept in its pot not only stays cool but also protects it from many diseases.

Drinking water from clay pots or matkas has been a part of our traditions, these things are disappearing with time. Now pgeople use a glass to drink water and drink cold water from the fridge.

But are you aware of the efficacy and medical benefits of drinking water from matkas or srahhi, if not then reading the below article will surely increase your knowledge.

Mudka water is naturally cool due to the changing weather, the soil is naturally alkaline which balances the pH level of the body.

Human body contains acetic acid, due to alkaline supply in the soil, it keeps stomach pain, gastritis, acidity and other internal pain complaints away.

Even if there is a refrigerator at home, people like to drink clay water, that’s why a lot of clay pots are being sold in the markets this summer season.

Peak buying of matka starts in the beginning of summer i.e. in the month of April and continues throughout the summer.

It is very important to drink water during the day in summer, due to high temperature, a lot of water is lost from the body, so it is very important to drink water at regular intervals during the day.

It is worth mentioning that the use of matka is very useful in summer, when water is kept in the matka it becomes energizing. Matka water is pure and contains various minerals that are beneficial for the body.

Drinking matka water daily keeps our digestive system healthy, matka absorbs heat from its surroundings due to which the temperature of matka decreases and its water feels cool to drink.


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