Teeth play a very important role in making the personality of any person attractive while the beauty of teeth makes the smile shine.

If the teeth are not clean, then no matter how beautiful a person is, his personality is bejeweled and when he smiles, he does not look good at all, but if seen, his entire personality is dimmed.

Due to these reasons, the health and hygiene of the mouth along with the teeth is very important, which not only improves the overall health, but also makes a person look good.

According to experts, the most important thing in cleaning the mouth and teeth is the brush. If your toothbrush is old, it will not clean your teeth properly.

Dentists say that if a person can’t remember the last time they changed their toothbrush, then that person needs to change their toothbrush immediately.

Experts say that because the toothbrush is used two to three times a day, its fibers start to deteriorate. Therefore, the brush should be replaced every three to four months

The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day for two minutes. Care should be taken that the bristles of the brush are not straight or if they start to break, stop using it immediately.

Thus, every 12 to 16 weeks the brush begins to deteriorate, so it may need to be replaced about four times throughout the year.

American experts say that if the toothbrush is used for a long time, its effectiveness starts to decrease. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of germs accumulate on the toothbrush during brushing.

Do not keep the toothbrush in a closed place as this allows the growth of various germs. Rinse thoroughly with water after use and hang it upright to air dry.


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