Google is a useful and busy search engine, but there are a number of difficulties that searchers often encounter. And are aware of related tips but searching any topic or anything on this search engine with the help of well-known suggestions can give expertise.

The use of quotation marks is mandatory for searching exact phrases, by placing quotation marks around a phrase you can search for the exact phrase you want, rather than just individual words. For example, searching for “best pizza in New York” will return results that contain the same phrase, with inverted commas useful and mandatory.

Use the minus sign to remove words from the desired phrase, if you want to remove certain words from your search results, you can use a minus sign (-) before the word.

If you want to search for something within a specific website, you can use the site operator URL after which it is possible to use the website correctly, for example, to search for the New York Times website, site Type and hit the search button to get the desired results. If you intend to use a keyword search in the title of a web page, you can use the title operator.

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