Chat GPT (Generative Pre-Trend Transformer) is a type of model language developed by experts to be useful in solving many difficult and complex problems of human beings and for this purpose it is specially designed to understand and understand common language. has been arranged. According to experts, it is not only capable of understanding common sense conversations, but this artificial intelligence app has the skills to understand and respond to human language input so that the chatbot can get information on any topic. People have ease.

This artificial intelligence application “ChatGPT” has a huge collection of natural language data and from there it answers questions that are really rare.

Along with these features, this app has the ability and artificial intelligence to respond to users in a timely and accurate manner. This model is designed under automatic procedure and technique like transformer network.

Another advantage of chatbots is that it can provide all kinds of information apart from translating a language, but along with that, chatbots also have some drawbacks.

Although it is designed to provide context-appropriate responses for limited information, it is still too small to fully understand the conversation. More updates are expected. It is likely to lead to incorrect or irrelevant responses, especially if the conversation to be made is complex or ambiguous. Secondly, it will still take some time to understand the conversation as it can sometimes cause a problem with the communication that the data it contains or is provided to it inadvertently. May bring up internalized biases or stereotypes that may lead to biased or aggressive responses that are not entirely accurate.

During chat, GPT may be good at speaking or forming words in the correct context, but still has difficulty in understanding and responding to emotional cues in a conversation or an appropriate response. His robotic mentality is revealed. It is worth noting that many of these limitations are carefully designed to be extended by implementing interactive systems and are being further worked on by experts.


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